About Draft Decision on Localization of Territories for Gambling Facilities in Kyiv and Revenue of European Bookmakers: News Digest

About Draft Decision on Localization of Territories for Gambling Facilities in Kyiv and Revenue of European Bookmakers: News Digest

What rules for the siting of gambling facilities were offered in Kyiv and how revenue of English and Italian bookmakers increased? What countries submitted a new gambling legislation to the European Commission and what requirements to online gambling are introduced in Greece? Read more about timely news in the gambling industry in the weekly digest.

Kyiv offers to determine territories for opening gambling facilities

Kyiv city council published a draft decision that outlines a number of requirements to the siting of gambling facilities on the territory of the capital.

The document suggests localizing territories, where gambling facilities can be opened. It is planned to determine their borders in correspondence with borders of format zones 0 and 1, where zero means monuments of national and local importance, parks, squares, etc., and one means the historical part of the city. There are plans to prohibit gambling beyond the borders of the specified zones.

Besides, the draft decision stipulates other restrictions. For example, there is an offer to impose a ban on placing gambling facilities closer than 500 meters to educational institutions and playgrounds, as well as closer than 100 meters to religious buildings, medical and cultural organizations. Besides, the document envisages the introduction of a ban on gambling facilities operating in parks, squares, near-shore areas, communal facilities and facilities under construction, on the markets, residential properties, etc.

The Netherlands submitted new gambling regulations to the European Commission

The government of the Netherlands forwarded the new provisions of the Remote Gambling Act (RGA) to the European Commission for consideration.

The document stipulates technical standards and requirements to keeping of records and reports that licensed online gambling operators have to follow. The document specifies measures that gambling business owners have to take in case players show signs of problem gambling.

The provisions supplement the legislative documents that were forwarded to the commission in July of 2020 and specified licensing conditions for operators, requirements to their performance and online games.

Greece introduces new regulations for the conduct and advertising of gambling

According to Login Casino online magazine, Greece sets new requirements to online gambling activity. Thus, a compulsory pause of three seconds between spins is added to online slots. The maximum bet size for games that use a random number generator (RNG) algorithm is set at the level of €2. The amount of wins per one game session must not exceed €5000 for online slots.

Another new introduction stipulates the necessity to set deposit limits and playtime restrictions for players. In their turn, operators will have to inform customers that they have achieved 80% of the specified limit.

Standalone provisions of the law touch upon gambling advertising. Now ads of RNG slots will be allowed only on the websites that contain such games.

Norway plans to regulate gambling business based on uniform law

The European Commission was submitted a new Norwegian law that unites acts on lotteries, gambling, and totalizers. The document is intended to prevent negative consequences of gambling and to ensure a responsible approach to the conduct of gambling activities.

The new law envisages that existing operators will keep working in the Norwegian market, but the control over their activity will be tightened. The gambling regulator will be entitled to oblige local Internet providers to place warnings on websites of illegal operators saying that they provide services without a license.

The UK and Italy reported on revenues of bookmakers

The report of the UK Gambling Commission shows that sports betting gross revenue reached £217.5 million in June of 2020. This figure has increased by 115% as compared to May of 2020. Besides, the total number of bets has grown by 146% in the first month of summer as compared to the previous month.

The commission noted that betting revenue increased thanks to the fact that sports events resumed in Europe, including the English Premier League matches. Another reason for the growth of revenue is the decision of the EPL to broadcast games on television.

Italian bookmakers recorded an increase in revenues in July of 2020. According to Agimeg, they earned €142.5 million last month, which is 49.5% more than in June. Such companies as Snaitech, Goldbet, Eurobet, Sisal and SKS365 became market leaders.

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