All About Gambling Business Regulation in Ukraine: Meet the First Topic Block of Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020

All About Gambling Business Regulation in Ukraine: Meet the First Topic Block of Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020

On September 2, 2019, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a commission to develop a bill on gambling business legalization. On September 29, the Cabinet of Ministers passed the corresponding bill. These events caused extensive talks and opinions in society regarding the further development of the gambling sector as well as the potential business possibilities after the gambling market legalization.

Therefore, we would like to introduce four new topics to be examined at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020. They will be included in a block titled ‘Gambling business regulation’.

Topic 1. The structure of Ukrainian gambling legislation

The first block topic is a summary and definition of acts based on the law on gambling business legalization. Besides, we will focus on the types of gambling activities that are subject to licensing and the authorities aimed at controlling gambling organization and holding. The expert will individually highlight monitoring system operations.

Topic 2. Casinos.
Arrangement and operation procedure

The second block will distinguish key aspects of the law related to the regulation of land-based and online casino operations.

The speaker will talk about the special features of casino licenses, core obligations of operators, general requirements for poker tournaments, as well as for the establishment of online and offline gambling venues. Particular attention will be paid to the review of law paragraphs determining territories that permit games of chance.

Topic 3. Betting activity.
Organization and operation procedure

The third topic is dedicated to the regulation of betting shop operations. It will raise such issues as requirements for setting up and running a betting business. Moreover, guests will discover the specific nature of licensing this segment of the gambling market as well as restrictions and quotas.

Topic 4. Slot machines.
Game organization and operation procedure

The fourth block is about the organization and holding of slot machine entertainments.

The speaker will review requirements for license acquisition and arrangement of slot machine halls. He will tell the audience about the obligations of game organizers, quotas and restrictions.

The event program will be filled up and specified based on the updates on the Ukrainian gambling market regulation.

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