Analysis: Preferences of Gambling Platform Clients in Various Countries

Analysis: Preferences of Gambling Platform Clients in Various Countries

Entering new markets, online casino operators should take into account that customer preferences can greatly vary in certain countries. It is affected by culture features, financial possibilities, and legal standards. Well, what do gamblers in different countries prefer?

Gambling in world’s different regions

According to BOSS. Gaming solutions, Europe became one of the most profitable regions in 2018. Its gambling gross income was $27.169 million. Visitors of European online gambling resources primarily prefer:

  • slot machines;
  • lotteries;
  • casinos;
  • racing.

Asia and the Middle East took the second place in 2018, giving way to the European region by a long shot: their income was $13.687 million. North America’s profit reached $6.083 million.

Analysts predict that gambling will evolve most rapidly in South America. The region’s gross revenue in this sector will grow by 12% by 2023 in comparison with 2017.

Betting or gambling?

In 2017, the sum of betting profits worldwide exceeded the growth of gambling income, with the online segment increasing by 8.5%. The region analysis shows that players from Asia and the Middle East like betting most of all: 51.4% of the market share. At the same time, 36.4% of the users play online casino slots in these regions.

European gamblers also prefer betting. The performance of this region is 32% of the total number of bets, while 27.2% of the users enjoy online casinos.

Within this period, gambling has taken over the leadership in North America. The amount of online casino players gained 28.5%, while betting accounted for only 7% of the total market share.

Mobile gambling

According to Rosloto, the popularity of mobile gambling resources kept growing throughout the globe in 2018. 37% more users than in 2017 decided to play and bet on mobile phones. As reported by App Annie, mobile gaming will reconquer 60% of the world’s industry income in 2019.

UK mobile gambling resources are the most popular: one-third of all players use their smartphones to play real cash games.


To attract and retain players on betting or online casino platforms, you should take into account target audience interests and regional characteristics. The examination of user gambling behavior in different countries and regions allows operators to develop an appropriate marketing strategy and a unique offer for customers.

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