The Exciting Afterparty at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 is Postponed to September: Join Us!

The Exciting Afterparty at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 is Postponed to September: Join Us!

Due to the introduction of strict quarantine, Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition was postponed to September 21-22. Thus, the closed afterparty for VIP guests of the event is also rescheduled.

New date of the party: September 21.

The afterparty at UGW 2021 is a perfect setting for networking in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere. The party will take place in a top-level establishment with premium service, gourmet cuisine and comfortable halls. However, the place will only serve as a favorable background.

The real essence of UGW 2021 afterparty will be in a community of professionals, exceptional and best players on the gambling market. The afterparty will unite only VIP ticket owners, and these are the founders of leading technological companies, well-known gambling operators, investors, legal experts, business professionals from related industries.

The party will be held in a closed format, in a narrow circle of the elite community – it is difficult to imagine conditions more suiting for networking. In addition, it will include UGW Awards. The prestigious awards will be presented to the most outstanding representatives of the industry.

That is why UGW 2021 afterparty will become a unique platform where guests could discuss the details of cooperation and partnership!

Let's unite and revive the legal and competitive gambling market in Ukraine together!

See you in autumn at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021. We are waiting for you at the major exhibition and amazing party!

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