Five Ways to Use AI Solutions in Gambling

Five Ways to Use AI Solutions in Gambling

Today a great number of companies works in the online gambling market. To remain competitive, operators implement new technologies including solutions with elements of artificial intelligence. Different casinos and bookmakers, as well as players, already have a possibility to assess the advantages of AI developments today.

Let us review five application areas of artificial intelligence technologies in gambling.

AI systems as virtual poker players

AI programs can act as full-fledged participants of the game process and can even outplay experienced rivals. For example, DeepStack software has such capabilities.

An international research group developed this AI solution. The program boasts that it managed to outplay professional poker players during the Texas Hold’em Poker tournament. The system calculated the game strategy before every round. The neural network needed just several seconds to do that.

Another poker bot Libratus also managed to outperform seasoned players. During Texas Hold’em Poker tournament, the program outplayed four poker professionals won over $1.7 virtual million.

Libratus relies on computational game theory. During the tournament, the system demonstrated the possibility to develop strategies, adapt to actions of other gamblers, and even bluff.

AI solutions for player retention

One of the key tasks of every gambling platform is customer retention. Owners of online casinos and betting houses use different tools and approaches to draw user interest in the platform and incentivize them to come back repeatedly.

BtoBet developed a smart platform B Neuron intended for such niches as Sportsbook and Gaming. It helps the participants of the gambling market to realize customer retention events.

The system divides users of gambling platforms into groups, records and classifies their game behavior, defines how satisfied they are with the game. Analyzing the collected data, AI foresees customer preferences and automatically offers bets or games that correspond to the interests of the player.

AI to fight against fraudsters

Some players try to cheat online casinos or betting houses in different ways. For this purpose, they develop different fraud schemes and sometimes their attempts are successful, which negatively influences the operator revenue.

Thanks to AI technologies, it got simpler to detect fraudsters in virtual gambling facilities. Modern programs can analyze the activity of gamblers and detect suspicious actions. For example, with an AI system, the bookmaker can track all results of the bettor. If the operator notices that the user has not had a single loss for a long time, the user’s account can be blocked until the circumstances are clarified.

The abovementioned AI platform В Neuron defines crooked gamblers even before they start the illegal activity. The system automatically sends the operator notifications about all needed safety measures.

Chatbots to communicate with customers

Chatbots are programs that automatically and/or according to the preset scenario fulfil certain actions through the chat interface. Such software allows casinos or bookmakers to talk to customers and provide them with different services without the engagement of the call center or customer service specialists.

In gambling, players can use chatbots to participate in the game process and solve different issues.

Today Telegram casinos are popular. They function in Telegram messenger using a bot that acts as an intermediary between the gambling platform and gamblers. In such a website, players can fulfil many actions, for example, they can make a deposit, place bets, withdraw winnings.

Artificial intelligence fights against gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is a pathological propensity to participate in the games of chance. People suffering from gambling addiction can be found in different countries. For example, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan reports that 3.6% of the adult Japanese population has been suspected in the gambling addiction.

Today many gambling operators follow the principles of responsible gambling and try to prevent ludomania. For this purpose, they use AI solutions that can detect users with a propensity for gambling addiction.

Online casino software developer BetBuddy made a system that detects and prevents gambling addiction. It analyzes gambler activity and behavior, detecting symptoms of ludomania. As a result, the operator can take different measures to protect the customer, for example, block the account, place a betting limit, etc.

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