General Director of Technomatika Volodymyr Moskal: “Every Year We Are Actively Expanding Our Sales Geography”

General Director of Technomatika Volodymyr Moskal: “Every Year We Are Actively Expanding Our Sales Geography”

Technomatika is a leading supplier of equipment, components, spare parts and consumables for terminals and self-service devices. The company also develops its own terminal solutions, provides technical support and servicing for the products provided to customers.

In an exclusive interview with Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021, Technomatika General Director Volodymyr Moskal spoke about the company's activities and made recommendations on the choice of self-service machines for the gambling industry.

More information on how high-quality slot machines and betting terminals should look like, as well as on the products that Technomatika will present at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition is available in the interview.

The interviewer: Ukrainian Gaming Week (UGW)

The respondent: Volodymyr Moskal (VM)

UGW: Please tell us about the activities of Technomatika company. What solutions does it offer and what markets does it supply?

VM: Technomatika is an expert in the development and production of self-service terminals and automation systems. It’s an authorized service and distribution center of JCM Global and official trading partner of Innovative Technology LTD. Distributor of equipment and components from the world's best manufacturers for self-service devices.

Together with our partners, we offer turnkey ready-made solutions for areas such as HoReCa, retail, vending, as well as for transport, payment systems, banking and hotel sectors.

Leading market players in Ukraine and 15 other countries (CIS, Europe, North America, Africa) choose our products. Every year we are actively expanding the sales geography of our solutions.

UGW: What brands are available in Tekhnomatika portfolio?

VM: Company product range is represented by the following brands:

  • cash handling: JCM Global, Innovative Technology, Puloon, GRG, Microcoin, CTCoin;
  • printers: SNBC, Custom, Sitizen, as well as a built-in printer of our own production EL3311;
  • card readers and card dispensers: Creator Tech, Sankyo, Digital Concept France;
  • sensor equipment and monitors: MasterTouch, GeneralTouch, Zytronic, TF ILITEK, Bonxone, Lilliput;
  • scanning equipment: Newland;
  • Safe transportation of cash: StrongPoint.

UGW: Tell us about the company's own products.

VM: Almost every major supplier has solutions from not only partners in their portfolio, but also their own ones. This trend is not new, and today, in conditions of fierce competition under the crisis, it acquires special significance. Having their own products increases the player's status and competitiveness.

Our company manufactures and supplies the following equipment: betting and gambling terminals, information kiosks, payment and currency exchange terminals, pre-order kiosks, self-service cash desks, deposit machines, vending machines.

UGW: What solutions can Technomatika offer for the gambling industry?

VM: We offer our own terminals and components for the gambling industry.

Distinctive features of our solutions are customizability and ergonomics. The company has its own design bureau, thus we can quickly respond to customer requests, develop the cabinet and select equipment for a specific task.

UGW: How a self-service machine used in the gambling industry should look like?

VM: The business processes of each player in this market have their own nuances, so the approach to the solution should be individual. In addition to that, every solution must be ergonomic, reliable and functional. All projects with our partners were based on this ideology.

UGW: What’s your advice on how to choose a high quality slot machine and betting terminal as a gambling operator?

VM: Depending on the business plan, according to which the device is selected, the content and appearance may differ significantly. In any case, you need to pay special attention to the design of the cabinet and the quality of the components. The availability of service centers that will ensure the operability and timely maintenance of equipment is of great importance.

UGW: What features should high quality slot machines and betting terminals be equipped with?

VM: From our point of view, the best terminal is the one that meets all the customer's requirements and is convenient for the end user (player).

If we are talking about our serial products, then the concept is based on the principle of versatility, namely, in any of our cabinets, you can install components from key vendors whose equipment is used all over the world.

Therefore, the first and key rule is to work with professionals. They can not only sell the product, but also offer the best solution that the client often does not even know about.

UGW: What products will you present at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021? What are its features and advantages?

VM: We would like to present two terminals designed specifically for the gambling industry. They can be used for both betting and slots.

The key features of these cabinets are ergonomics and the ability to integrate almost all types of devices that are currently used in the industry.

We have developed the design of these products independently and tried to take into account all requirements of the modern gaming terminal market.

Technomatika will become an exhibitor at the large-scale specialized Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition that will take place on March 23-24.

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