Online Terminals: Types and Advantages for Gambling

Online Terminals: Types and Advantages for Gambling

Online gambling terminals are a popular and frequently used device. They are cost-effective and user-friendly. What are the special features and key advantages of such apparatus?

What Are Online Terminals?

Online gambling terminals mean equipment with the Internet access installed for public use in specially allotted places. In fact, it is referred to computers linked to the Internet, allowing to conduct common actions such as checking email or entering various websites.

However, the core element of online gambling terminals is the direct access to the gambling space: they help to enter any online casino website in a prompt manner. This device looks like a telecommunication service payment terminal or an ATM.

It allows to buy casino internal currency and seamlessly play offered slots. The machine is controlled via a touchscreen.

Components of Online Terminals

Gambling terminals are installed in special rooms: entertainment centers or slot machine halls. Unlike conventional gambling equipment, terminals are smaller, compact, and stylish. They weigh less than 100 kg and consume about 350 W.

Online terminals consist of:

  • touchscreen with built-in features;

  • central processing unit;

  • backlit keyboard;

  • cooling system;

  • currency detector;

  • tamper resistance.

Similar apparatus run on Windows OS and reproduce stereo sound. Besides, online gambling terminals can have additional facilities – ashtrays and mats for drinks. They feature a user-friendly interface, thus even newcomers will immediately find out what to do.

Main Advantages of Gambling Terminals

Online casino terminals are profitable: they are inexpensive and quickly compensated. At the same time, such devices are able to generate high profit in future. To maintain terminals, you do not need special staff: one person with basic technical training is enough.

Benefits of gaming terminals:

  • quick connection and adjustment;

  • can be used as an alternative to slot machines;

  • access to the huge amount of games;

  • recording all gaming statistics;

  • showing the report about all conducted payoffs.

Since terminals are not slot machines, the tax rate for them is the lowest in many countries. By the way, this equipment can be rented.

Types of Online Terminals

Online gambling terminals have the same operational concept, but there are several kinds of these devices. They can differ in the installation type, size, availability or absence of extra elements.

  • Floor terminal without buttons. It is an extremely popular and frequently used machine in gambling halls. Its construction is quite simple: CPU, touchscreen, and currency detector.

  • Floor terminal with buttons. Not all devices are equipped with a set of buttons, which not always display alphabetical or numeric characters (they can contain special symbols or commands). This option is considered to be more complicated.

  • Table terminal. It is more compact than the floor ones. The machine is more convenient and can be installed in small rooms.

  • Terminal monitor. It is a small and fully operational gaming device with sensor control. This type is commonly equipped with a barcode reader.

Different kinds of gambling terminals differ in the cost, size, and functionality, allowing owners to choose the most appropriate solution according to their requirements and conditions.

Gaming Process

It is quite easy to enter an online casino via the terminal. To refill the virtual account, players should ask a venue manager to put a certain sum into the system. The administrator places electronic money equal to the amount of received cash on the user account. Gamblers are also able to deposit money on their own, following tips on the screen.

When funds hit the virtual account, players connect to the gambling resource server and select a game to place bets. Afterwards, everything depends on the outcome: if players win, they receive the required sum from the administrator in person. Some types of equipment allow to get the winning directly from the terminal.

The gaming process is not troublesome. All terminal systems are completely automated and user-friendly. Moreover, devices are protected from hacking.


The low price and the rapid pay-off period of online gambling terminals allow both large and small companies to benefit from these machines. It is possible to initiate your own medium-size business or significantly expand the existing activity using online terminals.

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