Legalization of Gambling Business in Ukraine Will Positively Affect the Development of Related Industries

Legalization of Gambling Business in Ukraine Will Positively Affect the Development of Related Industries

With the proper organization of the gambling business in the country and with efficient regulation, the industry will be completely safe. It will replenish the state budget and contribute to the development of tourism. This point of view was expressed by the expert in an interview with Login Casino.

Aleksey Yevchenko is a vice president of the Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association as well as a former advisor on tourism of the Minister for Economic Affairs. The expert claims that in two-three years the regulated gambling industry will show how profitable was the decision on the sector legalization in terms of economy. The result will be very much influenced by the quality of the relevant legislation, which will be voted for in the Verkhovna Rada.

Besides, Yevchenko warns against approving the first draft of the document, especially taking into consideration the short time frame the president of Ukraine has provided. In case a so-called “raw” variant of legislation is adopted, it is likely to have an opposite effect resulting in a new total ban on gambling. Therefore, it is necessary to hurry up in order to meet the deadline as well as get the job done with the required level of quality.

The key criteria that will be laid down in the gambling business legislation will have a crucial impact on:

  • site planning around gambling halls;
  • tourism development;
  • labour market.

Yevchenko recommends paying particular attention to the following topics:

  • social protection of citizens;
  • level of expertise of those taking part in creating the draft legislation;
  • well-designed requirements for the hotels where casinos will be located;
  • adjusting best gambling legalization models to the local market;
  • the territory where gambling establishments will be placed;
  • taxation system;
  • transport infrastructure enhancing, which is needed for gambling territories;
  • cooperation with the leading international companies;
  • creating the right investment climate;
  • creating a positive economic image of the country to attract tourists.

According to Yevchenko, these are exactly the points that must be included in the bill first of all to maximize the document’s efficiency.

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