HR Zone to Be Organized at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021

HR Zone to Be Organized at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021

The adoption of the law on the legalization of gambling activities has become an incentive for the development of the Ukrainian labor market. Already, there is an increasing demand in the country for qualified specialists who are able to successfully develop, promote and scale up the business of organizing and conducting gambling activities. And applicants, in turn, begin to monitor the market in search of lucrative offers in this area.

The large-scale Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition will become a platform where you can exchange business ideas, meet new partners and investors. Also at the event, the owners of specialized companies will be able to find employees for their business teams, whereas job seekers could meet the employers. Thus, a separate HR zone will be arranged at the event.

A special HR-board will be located at the entrance to the exhibition where visitors and participants will post their resumes or open vacancies. Applicants and employers will be able to fill out questionnaires, indicating the necessary information about working experience, vacant positions in the company, etc. Templates of such forms prepared by the exhibition organizer can be found directly in the HR zone.

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About UGW 2021

The largest Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition will take place on September 14-15 at International Exhibition Center. At the event, leading Ukrainian and international companies will present advanced solutions for the gambling industry. Event will become a perfect platform for sharing experience and finding useful contacts.

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