'Our expertise in payments for iGaming can be useful for both beginners and those who are planning to enter a new market' – BetaTransfer kassa representative in an interview with UGW 2022

'Our expertise in payments for iGaming can be useful for both beginners and those who are planning to enter a new market' – BetaTransfer kassa representative in an interview with UGW 2022

The second Ukrainian Gaming Week will feature participants from the leading companies that supply effective solutions to businesses. One of them is BetaTransfer kassa. This is a payment acceptance service in the field of iGaming and other niche categories operating on the markets of Ukraine, Europe and the CIS. The company applies a personalized approach to each client and guarantees security.

The online service has become a Press Zone Sponsor at the gambling exhibition.

In an exclusive interview with UGW 2022 team, a company representative spoke about the services that BetaTransfer kassa offers to its customers. He also gave an evaluation of the current state of the Internet acquiring market and expressed his expectations regarding the upcoming event.

The interviewer: Ukrainian Gaming Week (UGW)

The respondent: representative of BetaTransfer kassa (BT. k)

UGW: If, for example some Ukrainian online casino operator wants to integrate an Internet acquiring service, how much will it cost and what expenses would be included in the overall budget?

BT. k: We support an individual approach, so everything will depend on the needs of the company, the size of the turnover, the geo on which the client works, etc. We take into account many features and offer unique solutions that perfectly suit a particular company both in terms of functionality and budget.

UGW: How gambling and betting sites can be connected to BetaTransfer kassa online service?

BT. k: By integrating our API into the client's platform. If the person who does this has necessary competences, integration takes no more than 15 minutes. After that, the client has a simple and reliable acquiring gateway on the website for accepting payments.

UGW: In what currencies can payments be made when using BetaTransfer kassa service and what systems are used for processing?

BT. k: The invoice can be issued in any existing currency, if necessary, the bank will convert the currencies. Payments are made to accounts in USD, EUR, UAH, RUB. In addition, with the help of BetaTransfer kassa you can accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

We process payments through Visa, Mastercard, as well as e-wallets.

UGW: How would you evaluate the current state of the Internet acquiring market? According to your forecasts, how will it develop in 2022?

BT. k: This is a very dynamic market that is constantly in motion and actively developing. Now the CAGR is just over 16%.

In the third year of the pandemic, companies around the world are stabilizing their work, introducing the latest digital payment technologies and, in response to user requests, are increasingly focusing on this segment. By 2025, the global market is expected to reach $9,073.09 billion at an average annual growth rate of 11%.

UGW: What payment methods are most common among the users today?

BT. k: All available payment methods are used. About 70% of our turnover is classic card acquiring, about 10% are cryptocurrency payments, about 20% comes from electronic wallets.

The latter category has growth potential thanks to our new cascading solution that delivers high throughput and conversion rates when paying with e-wallets. Find us at the event to learn more about this.

UGW: What trends are existing today in online payments on the iGaming market in Ukraine and in the whole world?

BT. k: Different areas of iGaming are being actively legalized all over the world, and it would seem that accepting payments should become easier, but the opposite is happening. Banks are making more and more demands, and payments are becoming more difficult, even as the categories themselves are becoming more accessible. This is the first general trend.

The second trend directly follows from that: payment services need to constantly look for new effective solutions in order to keep up with new requirements and solve urgent problems. At the same time, big players prefer to always work with several payment services at the same time in order to secure payment flows as much as possible.

UGW: What do you expect from Ukrainian Gaming Week 2022? Which companies would you like to meet?

BT. k: UGW is an event that unites representatives of top companies from different countries. We really want to communicate with major market players who have not yet begun cooperating with us. At the same time, we are also interested in new faces – brands. Our expertise in payments for iGaming can be useful for both beginners and those who are planning to enter a new market.

Networking is also important – by communicating with colleagues from the iGaming field, we can better understand their pains and help to solve them. Plus, knowing the trends in this area allows us to constantly work on improvements.

You can discover the services of BetaTransfer kassa and agree on a long-term business partnership by attending Ukrainian Gaming Week 2022 this spring, on March 23-24. See you soon!

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