News about Draft Law 2285-d and Gambling Business Events in Monaco, Bulgaria, the UK

News about Draft Law 2285-d and Gambling Business Events in Monaco, Bulgaria, the UK

When will the second reading of the draft law 2285-d take place and how does its revised version differ? What keynote events have taken place in the gambling markets of Monaco, Bulgaria, and the UK lately? Read about all of it in our digest.

When will the second reading of the draft law 2285-d take place?

The draft law 2285-d passed the first reading on January 16, and the second reading is expected in the nearest future. After its revised version was published on June 10, it appeared on the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine twice – on June 18 and 19, but deputies did not review it.

In the program Freedom of the Word By Savik Shuster, the Chairman of the Servant of the People parliamentary fraction Davyd Arakhamia said that deputies did not review the draft law on Friday, as 3.5 thousand amendments required time. If they had started working on the draft law, they would not be able to pay sufficient attention to more relevant drafts at the beginning of the next plenary week.

UNIAN reports that the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Razumkov supposes that deputies will deal with the draft law about gambling business next plenary week, scheduled for June 29 – July 3.

Keynote changes in the draft law from June 10

The revised version of the draft law that will be submitted for the second reading considerably differs from previous versions. Just like in the draft law 2285, which preceded 2285-d, casinos will be allowed solely in five-star hotels. However, the minimum room capacity for such hotels has been reduced. Now it is 150 rooms instead of 200 for Kyiv, and 100 rooms instead of 150 for other towns.

Slot machines will be permitted only in three-, four-, and five-star hotels. Besides, the draft law cancels the prohibition to place gambling facilities not closer than 500 meters to children's educational institutions.

Investment licenses for gambling activity are another important introduction. Under the condition of constructing a five-star hotel with at least 200 rooms in Kyiv or 150 rooms in other cities, such a license is issued free of charge and is valid for 10 years.

Europe’s oldest casino renewed operation after quarantine

Monte Carlo casino complex was shut down for quarantine for over three months. Its flagship facilities Casino de Monte-Carlo and Casino Café de Paris reopened on June 5.

Casino de Monte-Carlo is open from 14:00 to 02:00, and Casino Café de Paris – from 10:00 to 02:00.

But the casino adheres to restrictive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. Casino tables and slot machines are isolated by glass dividers, chips are disinfected regularly, the maximum number of players at tables has been reduced, face masks are compulsory.

Casino de Monte-Carlo has been working since the end of the nineteenth century and is considered the oldest in European countries. It was visited by such well-known personalities as Alexandre Dumas, German Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Winston Churchill.

Bulgaria rejected the bill that envisaged the shutdown of 638 gambling facilities

On the initiative of GERB political party, the draft law was submitted for voting, according to which Bulgaria was planning to cease operation of 638 land-based gambling houses. Ten large international casino clubs were expected to be launched instead.

However, the draft law was rejected during the first reading last week. Just 22 deputies voted in its favor, four deputies voted against, and 127 abstained from voting.

Not only owners of gambling businesses did not support the draft law. It caused a stir among representatives of the sports industry. The country’s 12 out of 14 most popular football clubs collaborate with gambling companies and get the lion's share of sponsor investment from them. Taking into account the coronavirus crisis, the loss of support from the gambling industry could threaten the existence of many professional sports clubs.

Camelot lottery operator got an unscheduled license renewal

The UK Gamblimg Comission extended Camelot’s lottery license by six months. The renewal was unscheduled. At the same time, the British gambling regulator is looking for a new licensee that will be able to start working in 2023. Sazka and Virgin Group are mentioned as license applicants.

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