Offered Services, New Clients and Digital Payments: CEO at Royal Pay Sergey Kondratenko in an Exclusive Interview With Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021

Offered Services, New Clients and Digital Payments: CEO at Royal Pay Sergey Kondratenko in an Exclusive Interview With Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021

A large-scale exhibition of advanced solutions for the gambling and betting industry – Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 will take place on September 14-15. Royal Pay, a leading service provider for the iGaming market will become a Silver Sponsor of the event.

In an interview with UGW 2021, CEO of the company Sergey Kondratenko spoke about the demand for financial services in the gambling industry and the state of the cashless payments market in the industry, as well as about reliable solutions and trends in the field of processing electronic payments.

The interviewer: Ukrainian Gaming Week (UGW)

The respondent: Sergey Kondratenko (S.K.)

UGW: What services does Royal Pay offer to gambling business owners?

S.K.: Royal Pay is the brand under which the group of companies operates. They offer a variety of services to merchants, from payment processing to financial solutions and compliance services.

UGW: Under what conditions does Royal Pay provide online acquiring services to gambling operators?

S.K.: The terms of cooperation with our company directly depend on the needs of the client. We have a wide arsenal of methods and solutions, from which we choose the optimal one with the most suitable conditions for the client.

UGW: What acquiring banks and payment systems can be integrated by the provider?

S.K.: Payment processing is carried out on the basis of modern technical solutions that successfully operate in the CIS, Europe and Asia. We have a fairly large number of integrations with banks and PSPs, which allows us to provide the best solution to the merchant.

UGW: How does Royal Pay ensure the security of online payments?

S.K.: PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standards. 3D Secure technology. Custom anti-fraud system.

UGW: How high is the demand for financial services among gambling business representatives now?

S.K.: We are constantly being approached by new companies looking for reliable solutions in the field of processing electronic payments.

Every month we review more than 10 new applications and help our clients optimize their business.

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UGW: What trends are observed today in the field of digital payments, and what, on the contrary is losing its relevance?

S.K.: In the field of digital payments, there is a constant development, the market offers different variations of receiving/processing payments. Some of them take place, something becomes irrelevant, and here it is very important to constantly keep your finger on the pulse of events in order to be in trend and keep up with new trends. Today, payments in cryptocurrency, mobile payments, instant payments are in great demand. Our company is in constant motion, development, which allows us to react to changes almost instantly.

Each market has its own format, but card payments have been a fundamental solution used by the vast majority of customers for many years.

UGW: How do you assess the state of the cashless payments market in the gambling segment?

S.K.: The cashless payments market in the gambling segment is growing exponentially. The market growth, according to our estimates, is +35% annually. More and more people use online payments, and more and more payment methods appear that allow to process payments online, along with bank cards. Therefore, the market in the gambling system will develop and grow rapidly in the near future.

UGW: Why should operators choose Royal Pay solutions? What are their main advantages?

S.K.: The Royal Pay system is simple and reliable to use. It meets all the standards for electronic payment processing. Our advantages include:

  • accounting of all performed transactions;
  • a wide range of methods for depositing and withdrawal of funds;
  • instant execution of payment orders;
  • no commission when paying for most products and services;
  • an individual approach to each client.

UGW: What services will you present at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021? Who will benefit from visiting your stand?

S.K.: We offer a full range of services: assistance in opening an account, processing payments, compliance services, financial solutions. Acquiring and payments in national currencies, as well as EUR worldwide.

UGW: What do you expect from a gambling exhibition?

S.K.: To find new partners, make contacts, expand the circle of cooperation.

You can talk to Royal Pay representatives, as well as learn about all the services and benefits of the company on September 14-15 at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021.

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