Online Casinos and Esports. How Two Major Industries Are Helping Each Other Grow

Online Casinos and Esports. How Two Major Industries Are Helping Each Other Grow

To many people who are new to esports, it may seem that this industry is very far from gambling. At first glance, these two industries really have nothing in common. But if you study them in more detail, you can see some similarities.

Both esports and gambling are actively developing. How are two modern industries similar and can they be mutually beneficial?

Gambling and esports: What do they have in common?

Both gambling and esports are entertainment, and the systems for paying out cash prizes and even tournaments are very similar.

When gamblers play in land-based establishments or online, up to 97% of deposits go to other players as payments. Thus, 3% of losses remain in the casino, and most of the losses are distributed among the winners.

The system is the same in esports tournaments. Teams make contributions for participating in the competition. Part of these funds goes to the organizers, and the winners take the main prize in the form of the total amount.

Of course, both industries cannot be called completely similar, they have many differences. The results of almost all casino games are based on luck and are determined by a random number generator. In esports, skills, strategy and reaction speed are important. Sometimes in games you need to make decisions in a split second.

How esports and online casinos help each other to educate digital audiences

Over the past few years, esports and gambling have been developing rapidly, thus they can perfectly complement each other. The casino representatives saw a good opportunity to make money by attracting young players and esports fans. This became especially true in 2020, when all traditional sporting events were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when other sectors of the gambling industry were struggling, esports betting exploded in popularity.

IGaming platforms are actively attracting new users through theme-based game design. They win the sympathy of esports fans by offering them games in Dota 2 or League of Legends style.

Some companies don't stop at design and develop new products based on esports games or teams. For example, Rivalry has released a new casino game project called Rushlane. This is a cyberpunk-themed multiplayer racing game that combines social interactions with modern game graphics and casino mechanics. It was developed specifically for the esports audience.

Esports and casino collaborations are moving to land-based platforms as well. One of the largest is HyperX Esports Arena, located at Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. A multi-level arena with an area of ​​30,000 sq.m. hosts regular games and large tournaments with high bets that can be made right there in the casino.

In addition, some bookmakers have started sponsoring famous esports players and teams, showing that the partnership between casinos and esports is growing steadily.

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The growth of mobile devices popularity as an alternative to computers influences the development of both industries as well. Thanks to the power of many modern smartphones, users can play anywhere with high-speed Internet access. The most popular mobile esports disciplines are PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Garena Free Fire. IGaming sites are also optimizing their services for mobile platforms by releasing their own applications, and providers, in turn, are developing cross-platform games.

Can the casino industry learn anything from esports?

After the rise of esports popularity when the global esports market reached the millions of dollars (in 2021, this figure equaled to $1.08 billion), fans of traditional sports stopped to perceive it as entertainment for teenagers. They follow trends and make bets. This led to an increase in demand, which also forced many bookmakers to open a wide line of bets specifically on esports events.

Thanks to the close relationship between esports and gambling, many gamers have come to casinos, although they have been avoiding them previously. This works the other way around, so both industries can benefit from this symbiosis.

There is a lot to learn from the players as well. In different countries, including Ukraine, esports has become an official sport. Thus, professional gamers can spend as much time training as, for example, football players, swimmers or athletes. Such persistence is also a thing for gamblers. Some of them often play in violation of all the rules of responsible gambling: they do not keep track of the amount of deposits, they try to win back in case of defeat. You should always remember that casinos are just one type of entertainment and should be treated accordingly.


Esports and gambling are modern entertainment industries gaining popularity due to digitalization. Both industries can coexist perfectly, complement each other, help in scaling and finding a new audience. Judging by the latest trends, the interaction between esports and gambling will continue to grow. Therefore, if you are looking for a new gambling niche for yourself, you should pay attention to esports.

More details about the possibilities of esports and its integration into the gambling industry will be discussed on March 23 at a conference that will be held as part of Ukrainian Gaming Week 2022.

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