Open Lecture Zone at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021: What Will the Speakers Talk About?

Open Lecture Zone at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021: What Will the Speakers Talk About?

The major Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition will take place on September 14-15 at IEC in Kyiv. Eventful program of the event will include a two-day open lecture zone, where representatives of Ukrainian gambling operators, heads of specialized associations, arbitrage specialists, marketers, lawyers and other experts specializing in the development and promotion of gambling business will make presentations.

On the second day of the exhibition, speed dating will take place in the lecture zone, where guests will be able to talk to a large number of diverse specialists in a short time, exchange contacts and establish useful connections.

All visitors of Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 will have access to the lecture zone, regardless of the category of purchased tickets.

On September 14, Konstantin Karpalov, founder of Papa Karlo CPA network will become a moderator of the open lecture zone, and on September 15, it will be headed by Ihor Porokh, the owner and founder of Porokh & Co.

First day of the open lecture zone at UGW 2021: Program

Presentation of the founder of Quints Roman Bout will focus on the features of online casino development. He will analyze how to segment your audience and give recommendations on how to maximize profits and minimize costs.

Former MP Anna Romanova will talk about the impact of gambling on tourism and the economy. She will explain what measures need to be taken in Ukraine to attract investors and how casinos can affect the economic situation in the regions.

The topic of “Opportunities and ideas in marketing and media communication” will be revealed by Viktor Ivanchenko, Head of Research & Development at Megapolis advertising holding.

Maryna Slobodnichenko, Managing Partner at Kairos Group Law Firm will consider the key issues faced by online and offline gambling operators.

CEO at Betbazar Oleksandr Yaroshenko will talk about the development of B2B betting market in Ukraine. He will explain what products to sell and how much to sell for.

Andrii Chukhrai, Head of Product Management at BetConstruct will highlight the advantages of the iGaming platforms provided by the company and explain why cooperation with it is beneficial.

Andranik Karapetyan, Head of Affiliates at Vbet will list all the features of Vbet Affiliate program, sharing the terms for cooperation with webmasters.

The topic of attracting and retaining players in the iGaming sphere will be raised by Roman Chesanovskyi, co-founder of Lead Kitchen arbitration team. As part of the presentation, he will tell about the messenger marketing and analyze the existing options for funnels.

What international operators think about the legalization of gambling activities in Ukraine? What business peculiarities on the local market shall be taken into account? Ivan Kurochkin, partner at 4H agency will answer these questions at the open lecture zone.

Founder and Director at HELPYOU OÜ Natalia Revenko will present an overview of non-resident fiat and crypto accounts for gambling market participants. She will list the trends in the field of funds storage and explain how and where to open non-resident accounts.

Dmitry Arkhipenko, founder of REVERA legal company will share the Belarus experience in regulating gambling activities. In particular, he will highlight the main problems faced by applicants for obtaining gambling licenses.

The topic “Games of skill. Games of chance. And the future of iGaming” will be revealed by Chief Commercial Officer at Evoplay Vladimir Malakchi. He will talk about the main features of skill slots and games of chance and explain the potential of this type of gambling entertainment.

Program of the second day at the lecture zone: speakers and topics

Former CEO at SuperLeague Ukrainian Basketball Clubs Association Volodymyr Poplavskyi will tell about the latest changes on the Ukrainian online gambling market. He will list what legal risks operators face and share the prospects for the development of the industry.

Tetiana Klymenko, Head of legal department at Law & Trust International will talk about the organization of a payment system in online gambling. She will analyze the situation with banking regulation and raise the topic of monitoring transactions in the gambling sector.

During the speech of Aleksandr Kosogov, CEO at GAMZIX Technology, the audience will learn about the certification of games for the Ukrainian market. In addition, the speaker will tell what hind of slot themes are popular in the CIS and Europe.

The issue of licensing gambling software suppliers within the framework of B2B certification will be revealed by the co-founder and board member at the Ukrainian Gaming Business Association Alina Plyushch.

The issue of IP in the gaming industry will be addressed by Yaroslav Kot, Academic Advisory Board Member at Games Research Association of Poland.

During the presentation of Sergiy Barbashin – Managing Partner at Trustme Law Firm, the audience will learn how to protect a brand and obtain the rights to develop online products.

Also, speakers of the two-day lecture zone will include:

  • Iryna Sergienko – President of the Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association.
  • Tamara Babits – Director of Business Development in the CIS and EMEA at Parimatch.
  • Anton Tlustyi – CEO at Playtini.
  • Nik Rudenko – owner of 8lab.

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