Player Profile: Representative of Gambling Venue Target Audience

Player Profile: Representative of Gambling Venue Target Audience

To attract as many online casino visitors as possible, you should form a clear vision of the target guest. It can be done by examining several factors required to draw up a profile.

Demographic characteristics

More than half of the online casino players are people aged 25-44 years. They deposit 100+ dollars while visiting the website. It is also referred to VIP customers and high rollers.

The age segment of 45-55 years accounts for 9% of the total number of guests. The young generation aged 18-24 years is 11% of all casino visitors.

Gender criteria

  • 80% of online players – men.
  • 20% – women.

Men put more money on the average, but women top up a deposit oftener. The female audience is 30% of the total amount of VIP casino clients. Besides, it is more vulnerable to gambling addiction.

Customer preferences

Guests of different gender and interest areas prefer the following games:

  • Women: spectacular, original slots with symbols represented by clothes, pieces of furniture, serial stars. The game plot should be exciting and interesting.
  • Regular clients: generally men. They like classic games of those times when online casinos were not a common phenomenon. For example, Sizzling hot and Ultra hot with modern design and requirements, but still quite familiar.
  • Young people under 25: fascinating strategy games with unique graphics and games based on popular serials.
  • Intellectuals: such serious games as poker and blackjack involving strategic thinking.
  • Adrenaline lovers: vivid and dynamic games with good music, slots, fast winnings.


Online casino guests primarily include trade job representatives, middle managers and people with a high revenue level. The first two categories treat gambling as a way of earnings while the third one considers it as a way of relaxing after a busy working day. The female part of the audience (mainly middle and lower classes) enters gambling websites to feel emotional relief.

Players’ objectives

Guests have the following common needs:

  • earning;
  • self-affirmation;
  • adrenaline buzz;
  • getting rid of boredom.

Interests of online casino guests

Visitors are engaged in:

  • games (mobile and desktop);
  • serials and movies;
  • sports;
  • cars;
  • news;
  • acquaintances;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • entertainment.


89% of players enter casinos using their smartphones or tablets and only 11% of gamblers prefer desktop computers. It should be taken into account when developing a mobile version of the website.

Three quarters of players are Android owners and a quarter is iOS holders.

Seasonal prevalence

The activity on gambling websites is poorer in warm months than in autumn and winter. It is caused by a season of holidays, going out into nature, and walks.

In spring and summer, the peak of user activity is on Thursday and Friday between 17:00 and 23:00. In autumn and winter, users are active on the weekend in the evening. The amount of players decreases by Monday.

Number of hours spent on gambling

More than 40% of users spend three hours per day on a casino website. Every second individual plays 28 minutes daily. After the first deposit, players are highly active within the first 24 hours.

Analyzing the above-mentioned data, we can see a theoretical profile of the perfect player:

  • man, 25-35 years old;
  • level of income: middle;
  • smartphone owner;
  • place of living: a medium city lacking live entertainments;
  • interests: sports, movies, travel, cars.

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