Poker, Lottery, Roulette, and Slot Machines: Most Popular Games of Chance

Poker, Lottery, Roulette, and Slot Machines: Most Popular Games of Chance

Entering ‘the best gambling games’ in one of the search systems, users will find out that slot machines, roulettes, poker, betting, and other types of gambling are popular today in various countries. Fortune’s wheels and various lotteries can be most frequently found on TV. The article describes the most popular kinds of gambling.


This gambling game is based on the random concept. Gamblers will win if the random number generator chooses a certain range of figures specified in the ticket.

Despite the fact that winning odds are quite poor, a lot of people worldwide keep participating in lotteries. That’s because players dream about hitting jackpots that sometimes amount to millions.

For instance, one of the Ukrainian lucky ones won 17.7 million RUB in the Megalot state lottery in 2018. This jackpot has become the largest in the country’s entire history.

Slot Machines

Slot machines differ from other gambling types in the fact that such games do not involve third parties. At the same time, the amount of winning can exceed betting sums several times.

There are mechanical and video slots. The first ones mean fixed equipment installed in various casinos. They are activated using a lever or a button.

Video slots are a more advanced kind of slot machines. They are computer-assisted. Reels are shown on PC or smartphone displays. Such slots feature high-quality graphics, design, and wide line of products. They are presented in online casinos and land-based gambling venues.


Poker is considered to be not just a gambling type, but also a real sports discipline or a game of skill, which outcome depends on player’s experience and knowledge rather than just a luck. For example, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine included sports poker in the official list of sports in 2018.

This gambling entertainment has the following concept: it involves two or more people at once. It consists of several gaming phases. At the beginning of each one, gamblers place bets if they are ready to keep competing for the victory. Cards are handled at every new stage. Receiving them, players decide whether to bet or to leave the game. As the result, a person collecting the best card hand becomes the winner.

Bluffing can also help to win in poker. In this case, gamblers keep betting without having a strong hand. At the same time, players’ actions and emotions show that fortune smiles upon them. Thus, other participants refuse playing in other game stages, being afraid of losing.


Sports betting is a kind of gambling entertainments where a bettor wagers with the betting shop on the outcome of any event (victory, defeat, draw, etc.). If the forecast comes true, a gambler receives the winning.

To enhance odds of winning, players should be well versed in sports and regularly analyze results of teams and/or athletes.


This game of chance is introduced in land-based casinos and virtual gambling clubs.

European roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors with numbers from 1 to 36 and 0. The layout displays 18 red squares, 18 black squares, and zero. Gamblers should guess on what section and number the ball thrown into the rotating reel will stop.


The gambler’s primary goal in this card game is to outplay the dealer.

Classic blackjack has the following rules: the dealer handles two cards to each participants and keeps one or two cards. Each card supposes a certain amount of scores. To win, a gambler should collect 21 scores or a close number to this figure. If he/she collects more than 21 scores, the bet goes to the casino.


Baccarat is similar to blackjack. Participants place bets on Player, Banker, and/or Tie fields. They obtain two cards then.

Each card means a certain amount of scores. To gain victory, gamblers should collect a hand equal to 9 or the closest number. If players accumulate from 0 to 5, they get the third card.

Fortune’s Wheel

Participants spin a real or virtual reel in order to obtain money or prizes. This form of gambling in popular in online casinos and on TV. The example is Wheel of Fortune TV show.

The game’s key tool is a reel divided into several sectors. All of them have certain symbols (e.g. money or a prize). Participants place bets on different sectors. Afterwards, the wheel is activated. When it stops rotating, the indicator shows a certain sector. Gamblers choosing this very sector win.


Random numbers are generated using a die, a small cube with dots from one to six.

Gamblers (shooters) throw one or several dice. Participants bet on the throw outcome.

A game can involve the unlimited amount of people. It can consist of one or two stages, depending on various dice combinations.


It is a kind of the lottery. Keno has the simple rules: participants choose figure from 1 to 20 on the layout with numbers ranging between 1 and 80. The random number generator selects 20 numbers. The more fallen figures coincide with those specified by gamblers, the bigger winning they receive.

Keno is conducted by the Ukrainian National Lottery state operator. The game has been organized since 2001. Winners received 34.38 million UAH totally in 2018.


Currently, the market offers a huge range of gambling games. Therefore, everyone is able to choose the best appropriate type of gambling. Besides, you should remember that all of them are primarily aimed at entertainment rather than the accumulation of capital funds. You should keep a cool head regarding games of chance and stop before it's too late in order not lose all money.

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