‘Solutions produced in Ukraine are in wide demand in the betting industry all over the world’ – CEO at Betbazar Oleksandr Yaroshenko

‘Solutions produced in Ukraine are in wide demand in the betting industry all over the world’ – CEO at Betbazar Oleksandr Yaroshenko

How high is the demand for B2B services in the betting industry in Ukraine? What technical solutions are necessary to build a successful online gambling business? And what are the main benefits of Betbazar – a company providing content and data for betting operators? CEO at Betbazar Oleksandr Yaroshenko shared the insights.

In an interview with Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021, the expert listed the advantages of the company he is heading and talked about the cooperation with Parimatch. He also explained how COVID-19 pandemic affected the B2B segment of the gambling market and expressed his opinion on why only one license to conduct betting business has been obtained in Ukraine so far.

The interviewer: Ukrainian Gaming Week (UGW)

The respondent: Oleksandr Yaroshenko (O.Y.)

UGW: Please tell us about Betbazar’s operations. What are the features and benefits of the company?

O.Y.: Betbazar is an international sales house that helps to promote various B2B products. Working on the development of various products, I realized that I can connect companies with projects, the match-making, if you like.

A detailed understanding of the market in terms of product demand, as well as a large customer base is what gives us the advantage. We have brought a completely new ‘high-speed’ betting product into a new niche that has forever taken its place on the betting products arena. We are convinced that we are able to find the perfect match for ‘client and product’ .

UGW: You are working with Parimatch. What solutions do you offer to the operator and how effective are they for achieving the desired business goals?

O.Y.: Parimatch is our client, and we cooperate in several directions. Recently, the most effective cooperation has been in the niche of sports and esports content, which is produced by our partner.

UGW: At the moment, the Ukrainian regulator has issued a license to conduct betting activities to one operator only. What is the reason for this, in your opinion?

O.Y.: This is a very important issue, but the regulatory policy of the state is not our area of ​​expertise. Nevertheless, based on open sources of information, it becomes clear that obtaining a license is a long and expensive process. Apparently, only one operator had enough desire to get a license.

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UGW: How popular are B2B solutions in the Ukrainian betting industry today?

O.Y.: Solutions produced in Ukraine are in wide demand in the betting industry all over the world. Speaking of B2B services in Ukraine, the demand is very low due to the nuances mentioned in the answer to the previous question.

UGW: What technical solutions are necessary for the operator to start accepting sports bets online?

O.Y.: First of all, operators needs a platform that will become the basis for the further integration of all subsequent technical solutions, such as payment systems, sports modules, CRM, CMS, etc.

UGW: How did COVID-19 pandemic affect the B2B gambling market?

O.Y.: The gambling sphere is quite versatile. For some industries, this was a complete collapse, for others, it was an opportunity to prove themselves on the market and occupy their own niche. Like any crisis, the situation with the pandemic has questioned and threatened existing businesses and provided an opportunity for the development of new projects and directions.

UGW: You will become a speaker at the open lecture zone at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021. What topics are you going to address in your speech?

O.Y.: In a short time, we will try to review the CIS market in the context of sports, esports trading and content-related products.

Join Oleksandr at the open lecture zone on September 14 as part of Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition. The speaker will make a presentation titled “Development of a B2B betting market in Ukraine. What to sell, whom to sell and how much to charge?”

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