Certification of Gambling Equipment and Software in Ukraine Will Be Discussed at the Webinar on June 8

Certification of Gambling Equipment and Software in Ukraine Will Be Discussed at the Webinar on June 8

LoginCasino.com.ua – Ukraine’s first specialized edition dedicated to the gambling business is happy to invite you to join a webinar: “Certification of gambling equipment and software in Ukraine: problems, prospects, Goals”.

The online event will take place on June 8 at 14:00.

Participation in the activity is free.

Speakers and topics of the webinar:

  • Artem Kuzmenko – partner at ETERNA LAW. Topic: “Legal aspects of certification of gambling equipment”.
  • State enterprise: Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies operating since 1996. Topic: “The process of certification of gambling equipment by a specialized body”.
  • Gambee – developer of innovative electronic and automated casino games whose products are used in 45+ countries around the world. Topic: “Certification of slot machines in Ukraine. Training and foreign experience”.
  • Viktoria Zakrevska – Head of Gambling Association of Ukraine. Topic: “How to properly organize the process of certification of equipment and software for the gambling business”.

During the event, speakers will talk about the nuances of certification of gambling equipment in Ukraine:

  • Legislative base: how to do everything correctly and transparently and what the business needs to take into account in order to avoid problems with the regulator in the future.
  • Real cases from business representatives: certification of hardware and software.
  • How it happens abroad: foreign experience of certification.
  • Certification bodies in Ukraine: is it necessary to expand the list of companies approved by the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL); basic working principles and reporting at such bodies; development of expertise and capacities of certification bodies.

If you are interested in finding answers to these and other questions regarding the certification of gambling equipment from different points of view, register to the webinar and ask the speakers your questions during the online event.

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