Slot Machines at Casino: Top 8 Myths

Slot Machines at Casino: Top 8 Myths

Today slot machines are one of the most in-demand gambling activities. One does not need any special knowledge to play slots. At the same time, any gambler can hit a big jackpot. The high popularity of slot machines has led to different myths spread in the society about their functioning. Read more about the most common myths in the article below.

Myth 1. Heavy pressing of the button
increases chances to win

Some players think that chances of winning increase if you press the slot machine button heavily and roughly.

In fact, external factors do not influence the game process. Licensed casinos offer slot machines with certified software, which is responsible for the game process. Combinations land on machines thanks to the random number generator, i.e. a program that endlessly makes mathematical computations. The numbers that the system chooses at the beginning of the game define what symbols will land on the slot machine screen. Algorithms that generate numbers do not care how hard you press the start button.

Myth 2. Casino controls
the operation of slot machines

This is one of the most widespread myths known by both experienced players and people in no way related to the games of chance. It says that gambling business owners can tune slot machines to their liking. For example, in order to attract players, they change software settings in a way for the gambler to win more often. And when the casino wants to win, it makes changes to the software once again and players start losing.

This outcome is impossible if you visit a land-based or online casino that holds a gambling license. Responsible operators buy slots and software from trusted developers. They do not have access to the settings of the random number generator and the source code of games.

Besides, the activity of legal operators is controlled by regulatory agencies and software is regularly audited and tested by independent organizations. For this reason, the probability of the casino being able to influence the outcome of the game process is very small.

However, this myth can turn out to be a reality if you visit unlicensed gambling houses. Such facilities may use slot machines of old design and low-quality non-certified software. Nobody controls their operation. So such platforms are likely to change the settings of the random number generator and control slot machines in such a way.

Myth 3. Bet sizes influence the payout
percentage paid to the player

The next myth says that the payout percentage depends on the bet sizes the player spends.

In fact, the return to player (RTP) parameter is fixed for every slot machine. The percentage is established by the software developer rather than the casino.

What player bets can truly influence is the size of the progressive jackpot. This type of jackpot is formed gradually. A certain percentage is deducted from every bet to the prize fund. The more bets are placed, the bigger the jackpot gets.

Myth 4. Winnings depend on the location
of the slot machine and time of playing

This category unites a series of myths about the influence of such external factors as time and location of the slot machine. For example, gamblers think that progressive jackpot is easier to win on a weekday and to win big – in periods when the casino has the fewest visitors. Another bias says that slot machines placed in crowded places bring winnings more often.

As mentioned above, all slot machines have an embedded random number generator. Only this mechanism defines what combination will land. Therefore, chances to win are always the same and do not depend on the location of the slot machine and the time of day or weekday that the play takes place.

Myth 5. The slot machine does
not give several jackpots in a row

Many players will not play at a slot machine where someone has recently hit a jackpot. They believe that slot machines cannot provide big wins several times in a row.

This opinion is wrong. In modern slot machines, the results of the game are defined by the computer system. For this reason, chances are high that the jackpot will land several times within a short period.

Myth 6. Probability of winnings
depends on the used coins or notes

This myth is spread among visitors of land-based casinos. Players believe that it is necessary to warm up coins preliminarily and then to throw them in the slot machine. Another misbelief – the need to use only old coins or new notes.

In fact, the temperature, size, or appearance of coins do not influence the outcome of the game and do not increase the probability of a win.

Myth 7. Long-term play at one slot
machine allows defining its work principle

Some gamblers place bets at the same slot machine for a long time. In the process of the game, they try to detect the regularity of landing winning symbols on the slot machine. Players hope that the obtained information will help them to win a fortune. They even develop different strategies and tactics. Their main goal is to make the slot machine work for their own benefit.

However, whichever tactics or strategy you choose, you will fail to cheat the machine. This is connected with the fact that the outcome of the game depends on the random number generator only. It is impossible to predict.

Myth 8. Slot machines
have cold and hot cycles

Some players think that slot machines fall into cold and hot. The first category refers to slots that are not ready to provide wins, and the second – to slots that allow getting a big sum of money in a short time. The hot cycle comes when winning combinations have not been landing on the reels for a long time. Slots supposedly generate bigger wins within such periods.

The fact is that the results of every subsequent round do not depend on the previous ones. Besides, slot machines do not become more prone to giving out winning combinations if they have not been paying to players for a long time.

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