Special Project of Login Casino UA: The Results of Gambling in Ukraine in 2021

Special Project of Login Casino UA: The Results of Gambling in Ukraine in 2021

The editorial staff of Login Casino UA has prepared a special project consisting of a series of video interviews with representatives of different fields. The interviewees answered different questions and shared their opinions on what has happened in the gambling market in 2021 and what to expect from it in 2022.

For many companies, the year was challenging but successful. However, there are many things and nuances that should be improved, and the government must “work on the mistakes” which were made during this period. What are companies proud of and what are they planning to do for 2022, as well as the latest and actual issues for the industry. We discussed all of these matters in detail with top experts from different gambling niches in the frame of the special project – Results of the Ukrainian gambling market in 2021.

After watching all the interviews, you will be able to get a clear picture of the gambling results in 2021 and the likely development of the industry in Ukraine. And afterwards, it will be a piece of cake to plan the direction of your company to success in 2022.

Among TOP speakers are:

  • Boris Baum (First Deputy Chairman of the Advisory and Expert Council of the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lottery) will talk about the results of the first year of the legal gambling market. The speaker will describe the primary advantages of the legal gambling business, including the consolidation of 80% of companies into a single association – the Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC). He will also highlight the main gaps in the sphere’s regulation, outline the situation with illegal operators and the fight against them, and give his personal opinion on the entrance of the foreign companies to the Ukrainian market. Lastly, we will talk with Boris Baum about raising the awareness level of gambling operators, which directly turns out into investments in the county’s social projects.
  • Anton Kuchukhidze (Head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council) will disclose the key achievements of the gambling business and the UGC. In his interview, he will talk about the dialogue between the operators on the basis of specialized association. He will estimate the factors, which could restrain foreign companies from getting a Ukrainian license. Also, he will share his vision of the legalization of the gambling business.
  • Yuri Titkov (Founder of Mr.Fish) will highlight the upcoming changes in the world of the gambling market and talk about the most effective traffic sources in 2022.
  • Vyacheslav Marukhin (Founder and CEO at Jambling.io, co-founder of the Boolda Media traffic team) will talk about integrated support for gambling operators: why such a service is needed and what benefits it brings. We will also discuss the results of 2021: the most popular geo, the development of gambling in Ukraine and the CIS, and the needs of society in casinos. Vyacheslav will also share the most common business mistakes at the time of entry into the market, assess the overall post-pandemic state of the industry, and uncover the main secret of why only some casinos come to profitability.
  • Taras Shurubor (CEO at PIN-UP.TECH, CEO at the Ukrainian division of PIN-UP.UA) – will reveal what caused the negative attitude of people toward the gambling industry and how to deal with it after coming out of the shadow business.
  • Denis Shinkevich (PR-Manager at LC Work) will highlight changes in the gambling market in 2021 and talk about legalization’s impact and what employers and job seekers need to know.

The list of speakers of the special project will be constantly updated by no less credible personalities in gambling, as the gambling market is rapidly developing and improving.

Official website of Login Casino UA Special Project: https://logincasino.com.ua/ua_gambling_2021

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