Gambling Trends in 2019: Live Casino And Mobile Adaptation

Gambling Trends in 2019: Live Casino And Mobile Adaptation

Experts from Juniper Research predict that online gambling sphere revenue will reach $1 trillion before 2021. Casino owners need to allocate maximum efforts to promote their business now. But what trends to look out for in 2019?

The key basis for keeping the leading positions on the market and generating high income is reliability in the eyes of the clients. Trusted casinos shall definitely have an official license, transparent payment system, bonus program and popular slots from the reliable developers, for example, such as Endorphina. Besides, there are some additional ways to acquire clients: they may constantly change and depend on the technology development.

Gambling industry in 2018: common trends

Last year, mobile segment and live games were the main promoters of gambling. Even in 2017, Statistica platform published the inquiry data that indicated that 10% of players always used smartphones for gambling, whereas in 2018, half of all virtual casino clients preferred mobile gadgets. The amount of mobile versions of slots from the popular developers is growing as well.

The demand for live dealer games a.k.a. live casinos became enormous. In many ways, this is due to the availability: live dealer games are convenient to play on the mobile phones. Plus, players admire the atmosphere that resembles the real presence experience.

These are the trends that will prevail throughout the rest of 2019, but with addition of new exciting technical solutions.

Mobile gambling in 2019

This year, mobile gambling will take even the bigger slice in comparison with the PC: according to App Annie, 60% of the global gaming share will belong to the mobile segment. The Compound Annual Growth Rate from 2017 to 2021 will comprise 17,3%. These tendencies involve online casino and sports betting on smartphones.

Such progress can be explained by the fact that mobile technologies are becoming ever more available, improving the connection standards. It’s easier and quicker to access a gambling resource via the mobile app than using a PC. In addition, you can play and make a bet anywhere on the go.

VR games and Live Casino

Online casinos turn to the latest technologies trying to attract and retain new players. For example, VR games offer realistic full immersion experience. Games in virtual reality are developed by Microgaming, Novomatic, NetEnt and many other providers. Such offers as VR-supported online poker (PokerStars VR) allow to interact with other people from anywhere in the world, as if you are sitting at one table.

Live casino will be popular this year as well, extending the options for players in addition to the portfolio, and adapting a multilingual interface for the user convenience. For instance, some European casinos are not appealing to the players because their live dealers don’t know the necessary language and work within a limited time zone. Companies offering at least three languages have better chances to increase the audience and income.

Telegram casino

Back in last year, online casinos and players appreciated the convenience of Telegram messenger for gambling. In particular, it allows playing even with the bad Internet connection.

Special Telegram bot functions as an intermediary between the online casino and the player, which is really handy in countries where gambling traffic is blocked. Operational algorithms are located on the gambling website, and the user gains access to it and makes actions (betting, withdrawals etc.) using the chat commands.

Key benefits:

  • anonymity;
  • unlimited access;
  • available at slow network connection speed;
  • no adds;
  • secure connection channels.

Access via Telegram doesn’t provide a bright and vivid experience and full immersion, but is an easy option without any regional limitations.

Blockchain in gambling

Blockchain technology is functioning across many areas where the process transparency and the speed of financial operations are important. Gambling niche also takes its benefits – due to the integration of blockchain into the operations of the gambling resources, users can pay in cryptocurrency and make sure companies don’t attempt fraud actions.

For example, TruePlay blockchain platform offers its clients an infrastructure based on the distributed ledger technology for the licensed gambling companies. Thus, such projects can guarantee a transparency and fairness of the offered games. FairPlay was one of the TruePlay’s first clients to use a blockchain technology for ensuring the games transparency and quick bets.

Regulation of gambling and networking

In 2019, gambling will be advancing successfully in South America and the Asian region. This will be enhanced by the focused regulation of the gambling sphere: for instance, on July 1, Japan launched an initiative establishing a special authority to control the licensing and taxation procedures in the gambling sphere after its legalization. Belarus will also change the status of online casino this year.

Networking will be one of the key issues for gambling development as well. It’s important to gain business contacts, expand the audience, and find out more about the new trends in gambling at the specialized events gathering top experts and leading representatives of the industry.

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