‘Within recent years, the number of gamblers who prefer betting on esports has been growing noticeably’ – Tigran Sharafyan, Head of International Offices at Digitain

‘Within recent years, the number of gamblers who prefer betting on esports has been growing noticeably’ – Tigran Sharafyan, Head of International Offices at Digitain

Digitain, a leading provider of multi-channel software solutions for the gambling business will become an exhibitor and Badge Sponsor at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021.

In an exclusive interview with event team, Head of International Offices Tigran Sharafyan spoke about key Digitain products provided to offline and online operators and named their main advantages. He listed the main trends in the iGaming industry and talked about the services on the Ukrainian gambling market.

Read more about the company and its solutions that will be present at UGW 2021 in the interview below.

The interviewer: Ukrainian Gaming Week (UGW).

The respondent: Tigran Sharafyan (T.S.).

UGW: Please tell us about the operations of Digitain. What are its main advantages?

T.S.: Digitain has been operating in the iGaming industry for over 20 years, being a provider of its own product. This allows us to better understand and assess the needs of our partners, as well as more effectively respond to their multiple requests. I would highlight this fact as one of the main advantages of Digitain.

Our main product is sportsbook. Currently, more than 700 traders/analysts are working on it, applying our own algorithms to provide more than 70,000 live events every month, which allows us to achieve the highest performance in the industry. I would like to note that not all companies on the market have such resources and experience.

UGW: What products and services does the company offer to online segment of the gambling market?

T.S.: As I have already noted, the sportsbook is a key product from the company. Also, almost all licensed providers of top casinos are available to our partners on a single Digitain platform.

The company specializes in the development of its own games, which, in turn, are available on the online platform. Particularly noteworthy are in-house products such as Fast Games and a unique product in the industry that accepts live bets on foosball.

UGW: What solutions does Digitain offer to land-based gambling venues?

T.S.: Despite the fact that the main focus of the company is directed towards the online sector of the industry, we also have effective solutions for land-based operations. Among them, it is worth to mention the cash register program and the POS cash register for sports betting. The latter is a portable solution for Android devices allowing to accept bets and pay out winnings by scanning a check.

UGW: How Digitain solutions are usually implemented?

T.S.: Each Digitain product is available not only through our platform as part of a turnkey solution, but also through API integration on the partner's custom platform. We have a very simple API, and at all stages of this procedure, we provide specialists who help with integration and testing.

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UGW: What are the primary targeted markets for the products and services presented in the company's portfolio?

T.S.: We are always looking to find partners on the markets where our products meet the requirements of the target audience.

The Ukrainian market is of particular interest to us, and we are very pleased with the decision to regulate the gambling business, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the country's budget revenues. We, in turn, will focus on localizing the products in order to comply with the approved standards from the point of view of the service provider within the framework of the adopted law.

UGW: What tasks can be solved by operators with the iGaming software from Digitain?

T.S.: We provide a wide range of sports events, as well as casino games and various features for organizing promotions. Our database is constantly updated: new sports events are added for the players of our partners, because they always want to try something new. Digitain platform helps our partners to engage players with new interesting content, retaining them on the website.

UGW: What kind of games are the most popular among the gamblers currently?

T.S.: The interests of gamblers differ depending on the region and much more. In Africa, for example, many players prefer to place bets on virtual games that start and end quickly, giving them the opportunity to quickly get a win if the outcome is positive. There are many other examples depending on the region and country.

UGW: What trends are observed in the iGaming industry today, and what, on the contrary, is losing its relevance?

T.S.: Within recent years, the number of gamblers who prefer betting on esports has been growing noticeably. This direction in betting is gaining massive popularity in all regions of the world, without exception.

It should also be noted that fewer and fewer gamblers prefer games on personal computers. This is no longer relevant, and more than 70% of the worldwide online gambling turnover comes from mobile devices.

UGW: What will you present at Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021?

T.S.: All our solutions for the iGaming industry will be presented at Ukrainian Gaming Week. Special attention will be paid to sportsbook and our own Fast Games, which will provide a stream of fresh, interesting and engaging content for our operators and their customers.

Join Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition on September 14-15 to meet experts from Digitain and discuss the possibilities of fruitful cooperation.

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