Application Submitting Process for Obtaining Gambling Licenses in Ukraine is Open: Latest News

Application Submitting Process for Obtaining Gambling Licenses in Ukraine is Open: Latest News

What steps is the Ukrainian gambling regulator taking to combat gambling addiction and ensure cybersecurity in the gambling industry? Can you already apply for a gambling license? What taxation option for online gambling has been proposed in Germany? Read more about the main events from the industry in the weekly UGW 2021 digest.

Applications for obtaining gambling market licenses in the Ukrainian can be submitted now

The press service of the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL) announced that the body is ready to accept applications for licenses for the gambling business. The list of necessary documents and requirements was published in the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on the approval of licensing conditions dated December 21, 2020.

Documents can be submitted in person, sent by mail or submitted in electronic format. According to the resolution, after checking all the documents, the members of the commission make a decision on the issuance of a license and they must inform the operator about it within five days from the date of making it.

Ream more about licensing terms for different segments of the gambling business here.

Also, CRGL has determined its main scheduled operational areas for 2021. Among other things, the body will be engaged in the creation of registers, which are stipulated by the law for each type of gambling activity, the launch of a free hotline for citizens' appeals regarding the conduct of gambling, monitoring the activities of the first operators, cooperation with regulators of other countries and prevention of corruption in the field of gambling.

The function of self-restraint from gambling has become available as part of the fight against gambling addiction

CRGL began to take preventive measures to combat gambling addiction among citizens. The first step was the introduction of the function allowing to submit a request for addition to the register of self-withdrawn players on its official website. It will contain persons who have restricted access to casinos, slot machine halls, betting shops and online gambling resources.

The self-restraint request can be downloaded from the regulator's website. You need to indicate your full name, passport or other ID, the limitation period (from six months to three years) and then send it to the commission.

If there is evidence-based argumentation, such request can be submitted by the player's relatives or legal representatives. The corresponding court decision can also become the basis for registration in the list.

The gambling regulator raises the issue of cybersecurity: new memorandum with the State Service for Special Communications

On January 12, the chairman of CRGL Ivan Rudyi signed a memorandum with the head of the State Service for Special Communications Yuriy Shchihol. The document stipulates a mutually beneficial cooperation in order to improve cybersecurity within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the law on ensuring the cyber security of Ukraine.

The State Service for Special Communications will be able to provide the gambling regulator with advice on cyber security issues when working online. In addition, the agreement will improve the exchange of information on potential cyber threats, develop and implement various measures aimed at protecting against cybercrime.

According to Borys Baum, first deputy of the Advisory and Expert Council of the gambling regulator, cooperation with the special communications service will help to resist illegal marketing of gambling online.

Spain intends to create a separate body to regulate virtual gambling activities

According to Login Casino online portal, the country plans to create a new regulatory body, which will be responsible only for the online segment of the gambling business. Spain's Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling has already signed an agreement.

Nowadays the rules for online gambling differ depending on the region. The new structure is expected to improve Spanish legislation and introduce common standards for online gambling.

Members of the new regulator will represent Spain at all EU meetings related to the gambling industry, while they will continue to cooperate with the Directorate General and the Spanish Ministry of Finance.

Germany introduced new proposals on taxation of online gambling

Representatives of the German Ministry of Finance have prepared a bill that proposes the introduction of an 8% tax on Internet slots. It is supposed to be charged for each spin. For virtual poker, the rate is 5.3%. The text of the document is not entirely clear about the specifics of taxation of poker, but it experts assume that this percentage will be charged from each bank.

Information on tax conditions for other internet gambling is not provided. According to the President of the German Online Casino Association Dirk Quermann, this bill will in no way help to achieve the goals of the federal agreement on gambling, since with such a high tax, players will turn to international online casinos with an offshore license. And operators at such a rate will not be able to receive the required income.

The law regulating German online gambling market should come into force on July 1, 2021.

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