Renewal of Casino Operation in Greece, Amendments to Ukrainian Draft Law 2285-d and Review of Gambling Legislation in Different Countries

Renewal of Casino Operation in Greece, Amendments to Ukrainian Draft Law 2285-d and Review of Gambling Legislation in Different Countries

After quarantine restrictions, Greece allowed renewing the operation of casinos, whereas Kazakhstan obliged bookmakers to move all betting shops to gambling zones. Cyprus may reallocate sportsbook tax revenue in favor of footballers, and the government of Norway wants to unite three laws on gambling business regulation in one law. Ukraine keeps considering and accepting amendments to the draft law 2285-d.

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Greek casinos renewed operation

The Ministry of Development and Investment of Greece issued a decree, according to which eight “economic activities” including casinos renewed operation in the country. They were able to start working on June 29. Nevertheless, employees and visitors of opened facilities have to adhere to the norms of social distancing.

Kazakhstan moves betting shops to gambling zones

The President of Kazakhstan signed the draft law adopted by the Senate on June 25. The new law envisages changes in the current legislation on gambling business regulation. Among other things, all functional betting shops have to be relocated to gambling zones. Now there are two of them in the country – Burabay and Kapshagay.

Besides, the country will establish the Betting Accounting Center, as well as introduce player identification procedures and a self-restriction system for relatives of problem gamblers. Another important change was the prohibition imposed on betting on events the outcome of which is defined by random number generator. Bookmakers have half a year to implement all the guidelines.

Cyprus gets ready to reallocation of sportsbook tax revenue

The Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus was offered to consider amendments intended to reallocate sports betting tax revenue three years ago. However, deputies initiated the consideration just in summer 2020. The main idea of the amendments is to allocate a share of obtained funds to the needs of the country’s footballers.

Thus, 3,500 footballers registered in Cyprus, including professionals, amateurs, and children, will have a possibility to get education, support, and medical service at the expense of betting tax.

Besides, if amendments are adopted, 0.3% of sportsbook tax revenue will be directed to finance the Pancyprian Footballers Association (PASP), which fights against fixed matches and provides psychological and financial help to footballers.

Norway plans to review the gambling business legislation

Currently, Norway uses three legislative acts to regulate the gambling business. There are plans to unite laws on gambling, lottery, and totalizer in one law and to introduce certain amendments. The Ministry of Culture will start consultations on this issue with interested parties in the nearest future. They will last until September 29.

In the process of legislative revision, the government intends to maintain the monopoly of such operators as Norsk Tipping (sportsbook, lottery, keno, poker) and Norsk Rikstoto (totalizer). It is also planned to adhere to the ban on online gambling.

Amendments about distancing of gambling facilities from schools were added to draft law 2285-d

The Head of the lawmaking department of the Voice political party Yaroslav Zheleznyak made a post on his Facebook page, dedicated to the adoption of amendments to the draft law 2285-d. The deputy noted that yesterday, July 2, the Parliament voted for amendments proposed by the Voice party.

Adopted amendments envisage the ban on the placement of slot machine rooms closer than 500 meters to children’s education institutions, as well as the obligement of gambling facilities to compensate acknowledged problem gamblers for losses with the 10X amount if they allow those players to gamble.

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