Job board

To offer open vacancies, fill out the online form, send layouts (up to 10), and we will definitely post them in the HR zone.

And if you are looking for a high-paying job and want to build a career in one of the most profitable sectors of the economy, you will have an opportunity to fill out the ready-made CV templates at the exhibition. Employers will also be able to create offers for open vacancies on the spot if they wish.

10 pcs. max.

Layout requirements:

  • Layouts can be submitted till 15.03.2022
  • Vacancies can be posted on a Job board at UGW on sheets with portrait orientation only.
  • One vacancy = 1 A4 sheet.
  • File format – PDF. Color scheme – CMYK. The layout should contain 5 mm allowances from the trim line to the nearest important text/graphic elements. Otherwise, there will be a white frame around it, which does not look very nice. Layout size = A4 sheet size + 2 mm on each side for trimming.